class Alda::LispIdentifier

A lisp identifier event. An Alda::EventContainer containing an Alda::Lisp

It is in fact not a kind of event in alda. However, such a thing is needed when writing some lisp codes in alda.

A standalone lisp identifier is useless. Use it together with Alda::InlineLisp.



The name of the lisp identifier.

Public Class Methods

new(name) → Alda::LispIdentifier click to toggle source

Creates an Alda::LispIdentifier.

Underlines “_” in name is converted to hyphens “-”.

# File lib/alda-rb/event.rb, line 976
def initialize name
  @name = ?_, ?-

Public Instance Methods

to_alda_code() click to toggle source
# File lib/alda-rb/event.rb, line 980
def to_alda_code