Here is the blog written by me, Ulysses Zhan. I will share interesting things in my life here, especially if I achieved something “significant” on my computer or in mathematics, physics or other strange fields.

This blog may be updated at an extremely low frequency because I may be busy studying something uninteresting. If you want to prompt me to update my blog (which is a really rare occasion), you can crazily click on the background of the page. I will receive that message after you do that. (Really?)

Note that if the browser tells you that my site is trying to run some dangerous scripts, it is just loading necessary scripts for mathematical equations (such as the equation \ref{least action} shown below) to be rendered in my pages.

Finally, I would like to tell you what I think is the most beautiful equations of all. Yes, it is Hamilton’s principle \begin{equation} \delta\int\mathcal L\mathrm dt=0. \label{least action} \end{equation} I will never tell you that I was actually to test whether mathematical equations can be rendered correctly.

Sorry for using TamaOneeson’s image as my avatar.